Okay.  At long last, my full memoir is finished.
It includes the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of my particular life-rosary.
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Hope you enjoy it.

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Do we inevitably live our lives according to the myths that have been programmed into our unconscious minds?   Perhaps so.

Greg McAllister’s Salvation of a Serial Celibate is an Irish Catholic hero’s journey, demarcated by the three mysteries of the rosary he recited faithfully as a child.  As a young man, he enters the secreted, all-boys world of a Catholic seminary, but after nine years, crosses his fingers during the oath of celibacy and leaves seminary and church behind. After moving to the burgeoning Haight Ashbury, he blunders into an unexpected pregnancy, a devastating heartbreak, and a life-threatening LSD trip, and eventually wakes up naked and sore in a padded cell, accused of assaulting a police officer and attempted murder.  After the pain and confusion gradually lift, he finally meets, with the help of his dead mother, the romantic partner who can cure his serial celibacy.

This is a coming-of-age story, told with refreshing honesty, deep feeling, and mischievous humor; a spiritual, emotional, and philosophical roller coaster ride through the chaos and disillusionment of the ‘60s, down the long, bumpy track men must travel to discover the sacred feminine.


“I was mesmerized by McAllister’s first incarnation as a Catholic seminary student on his way to the priesthood, the pedagogical approach being eerily comparable to that of my own Marine Corps training and indoctrination. From beginning to end of his ongoing search, you will be laughing and crying with the author, all the while pondering with him life’s joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries.”

- Arthur Westing, PhD

Former Director of the United Nations Project on Peace, Security & Environment